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Items up to $75

Gold Gift Cards -- Great for Gifts and/or even Savings Accounts for Kids, health Savings Accounts ... really YOUR CHOICE but the Gift that keeps on Giving! comes in 1g, 2.5g and 5g


Items up to $60

Wine Coasters Set Personalized  (Red or White Wine)   $54.25
Taster's Wine Glass (engraved - set of 4)  $55.00
Antique Boxes  (for 6 wine bottles)   $59.95

Oz Clarke Wine Guide  $59.95 (with this ad)  

Winerd Game   $54.50 
Vinturi Wine Aerator   $58.50  


Items up to $50   

Just Chill it!   $48.75
Choose your theme frame  (Wedding, Parchment, etc) Personalized   $47.60
Electric Corkscrew    $49.95

Seacret - Minerals from the Dead Sea


Items up to $40

Wine-Opoly Game   $39,.99  (with this ad) 
Wine Breather  $39.95 (instead of $49.99)  
Personalized Card Case    $38.95  
Laguiole Champagne Opener   $34.95 (not available at all times)

Mini 990 Imprinters (see under miscellaneous below)  $40.00


Items up to $30

Bud Wase personalized     $22.70 
Engravable Bottle Stopper  $30.00 (with this ad) 
Portable Imprinters (see under miscellaneous below)   $24.95


A few fancy Gifts under $100 

Laguiole Corkscrew (black)  $94.50 (with this ad)
Charging Station Personalized   $95.00 (with this ad) 
Swiftpull Pro Deluxe     $89.95
Magnum Engraved Crystal  (set of 2)  $78.95
Gift Baskets and Flowers for Any Occasion
Gold Gift Cards -- Great Gifts! prices change from around $65-$85 (same as the cost of gold)
Miscellaneous Items from our eStores
Mini Imprinters          $40.00  (with this ad only)
Portable Imprinters    $24.95   (with this ad only) 
Color Changing T-Shirts     $16.00  (with this ad only)
unique concept shirt changes color with heat or cold - only a few size available as indicated in drop down menu.
- click on title to ask for our on Hand Inventory (save up to 35% and pay 1/2 shipping) and click on "shop online" then "imagifts specials" or email 
Mary Kay Stocking Stuffers -  (Mini Sets) 
click on title to ask for list of suggestions by email  and/or include this message!  most items are below $10 and up to $15

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