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The Champion Cork Removal System System

The Rogar Line of Wine Openers is currently VERY LIMITED - Supply come and go and those on the waiting list get first crack when they come in. We suggest you contact us FIRST if you are interested in any of the Rogar Models. (ie. Model #0200 is the one that comes in stock every 4-6 months but sells out FAST! 

We do however have these alternatives iwhether you like it single or with a wooden table stand or granite table stand  to view in either Antique Pewter and/or Antique Bronze.
The 0600 Serie of Nickel Plated Champion has been discontinued and will not be returning!
The 0800 Serie of Antique Pewter has not been available for the last 2-4 yrs and currently we have no ETA of when it might  return! (this notice will be taken down when we have an update). 
"The original "Champion Cork Removal System" was made by the Arcade Manufacturing Company and is based on Michael Redlinger's American patent of 7 September 1897, no. 589,574 and his design patent of 9 June 1896, no. 25,607. As well as an additional patent by Harry Bittner in 1907, no. 845,608.

The Champion dominated the cork removal market from 1919 through 1933 even though prohibition was in effect during this time. The original "Art Deco" versions of the Champion have been found from as far away as Argentina and Italy.

Rogar International is the premier name in speed wine openers. Since 1978, Rogar has been manufacturing quality wine openers. In 1978, the Vintner was introduced by Rogar. This, the "ultimate" corkscrew was a reproduction of the champion - utilizing the original's mechanical concept, enhanced with modern materials.
A beautiful design of cherubs and grapes took the place of the original Champion artwork.

In 1981, the Estate, a cast aluminum model with a grapevine design brought this unique opener to a wider audience. And now, on the 100th Anniversary of the patent filing of the "Champion Cork Removal System", Rogar is proud to join the past and the future with the Centennial Edition of the Champion Wine Opener. 
The Granite Collection

Granite is one of nature's most beautiful creations. since granite is a product of nature, its color and veining will vary; each piece is uniquely beautiful. It is a tough durable stone - only diamonds are stronger. Granite was created inside the earth during its formation and is primarily composed of three different minerals: mica, feldspar and quartz. Different granites have varying proportions of each in addition to other minerals. The trace elements determine the color of the granite.  Table stands and handles of polished granite have been created by Rogar as elegant accents for the most unique wine opener in the world. Three distinctive sets are available. 


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Please be aware that you must request an RMA# for any returns and especially parts returns in order to get credit for the item(s) you wish to return. Email us and/or call at 832-484-3225 ..... Payment method for parts via paypal only.   .Please be aware that you must request an RMA# for any returns and especially parts returns in order to get credit for the item(s) you wish to return. Email us and/or call at 832-484-3225 ..... Payment method for parts via paypal only 

     Antique Pewter      Estate - Antique Bronze 

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