Chateau Laguiole

NewChateau Laguiole - Cor

      Model 3000 Corne Grise also called "Black Horn"               It is...

NewChateau Laguiole - Corne

Brown Horn - Corne Blonde The Handle is made with the best quality of the Aubrac bull horn."Corne Veritable" is a sticker on the handle...

NewChateau Laguiole - Ebo

      Ebony Handle Dimensions: 4.5" A KEEPSAKE. This exquisite professional corkscrew line continues to grow in popularity...

NewChateau Laguiole - Sta

Stainless Steel TEFLON Corkscrew - Steel is unpolished. This model is the most futurist "Chateau Laguiole" Dimensions: 4.5" With...

NewChateau Laguiole - Map

    Maple Wood Handle TEFLON Corkscrew - Steel is unpolished Dimensions: 4.5" You will very appreciate its touch and keep it...

NewChateau Laguiole -Tasa

Tasaki Model is a limited edition. Dimensions: 4.5" With red and white handle. Lever embossed in honor of Shinya Tasaki, renown Japanese...

NewChateau Laguiole -Stai

Stainless Steel with Stamina Wood  Chateau Laguiole " Grand Cru " handcrafted with Red StaminaWood handle.and Stainless Steel...

NewChateau Laguiole - Oli

        Olive Wood Handle   Olive-tree handle - TEFLON Corkscrew Steel is unpolished - Touch it, you will rediscover...

NewChateau Laguiole - Oak Ba

    Chateau Laguiole Oak Barrel With oak barrel wood handle. The oak comes from wine barrels in Margaux , France. A keepsake. The most...

NewChateau Laguiole - Ar

   Argent - Silver Plated    Entirely Silver Plated - it is the most luxurious of all the " Chateau Laguiole ". No...

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