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 by Star*Gate


Exceptional Evening - Imagine the beauty of the evening melted with winds and colors -- it almost looks like "fire" raging through the skies but with an absolute "harmony" ..... then picture this framed and looking down on your fireplace ... bringing you peace and heart racing feelings at the same time.

Exceptional Evening


Cloud at 13000 ft - An afternoon I climbed at 13.000 Ft . From this high altitude, the light is very different.  This photo of a cloud was taken wit a 400 mm lens.....See the magnificent half tones and the deep blue? ....Can you imagine how would look the original printed?  this WEB weights only 600 K


Clouds at Sunset - it almost looks like the clouds are touching the mountains .... it leaves a lot up to your imagination as what is actually the most stunning whether it is the Clouds or the Mountains ... lets not forget there is still some blue sky here so you can have all-in-one and concentrate on what exactly "facinate" you the most.....


Light Flashes in the Evening - isn't this so beautiful? from the mountains into the Valley the lights seem to be setting paths along side ... this makes an "superb" photography when put into a large frame ...... you are bound to get only compliments .... if it was not for the clouds you would be hard-pressed to thing this is actually a "storm" brewing over the mountains .....


Web Paint -Taken from the original and transformed it into PAINT. See the effect on the half tones and the result on the photo itself. This photo weights 600 K only. The printed original is superb.

Web Paint


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